One of the highlights of joining the APTA is the opportunity to help shape our industry by serving on one of our committees.

Associated Trades Committee

The Associated Trades Committee is comprised of suppliers of the trucking industry. It plays an integral part in our events throughout the year by organizing a Charity Golf Tournament, Tech Nights, raising money for charity and being part of the Atlantic Truck Show Advisory Committee.


The Health & Safety Council is responsible for promoting safety within the trucking industry.

Its objectives are the following:

  • Work with and assist other organizations and agencies in the safety field
  • Stay ahead of the regulation changes in Atlantic Canada & North America
  • Promote a positive image of safety within the industry and the general public
  • Promote programs to aid in the reduction of accidents and personal injuries
  • Promote the importance of the driver’s role in the trucking industry
  • Deal with Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) related matters
  • Offer an accident review service
  • Assist in the organization of the Transportation Safety Conference


The Charity Committee reviews charity applications from APTA members who have employees or family members in need. Click here for application form.  

The committee has identified eight post-secondary campuses in Atlantic Canada that offer training and education to students entering the Transportation field. Students from these schools can apply for a $500 bursary. 


The Marine Committee addresses issues related to the ferry systems serving the Atlantic Provinces by representing APTA members in stakeholder meetings with ferry management.

Investment Committee

The purpose of the Investment Committee is to meet the requirements of the investment policy set out by the Board of Directors. It assists the Board in fulfilling its obligations by reviewing reports and approving or making recommendations on different matters.

Future Leaders Committee 

The Future Leaders Committee identifies next generation leaders in our industry. The committee offers a program each year on expanding their skill set to become better leaders.

Pension Committee 

The Pension Committee oversees all documentation regarding the APTA pension. They ensure the management company is meeting our policies and the plans are performing well.

If you are interested in joining an APTA committee, please contact us at 506-855-2782 or by email apta@apta.ca